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5 Causes of Appetite Loss in Seniors

If an elderly person has suddenly lost appetite, contact the doctor. Medical professionals may recommend additional testing to rule out serious health problems or find the best medication. However, health issues are not always the primary cause of an elderly person's lack of appetite.

The following are five reasons why an elderly person may refuse to eat.

1. Low Physical Activity

A lack of regular exercise and physical activity can have a negative impact on appetite. To whet a patient's appetite before eating, doctors may recommend a more active lifestyle.

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is a common cause of loss of appetite in the elderly.

It is no secret that many elderly people do not keep track of their water balance.

Meanwhile, almost every senior suffers from dehydration as a result of age-related changes and medication use.

3. No Daily Routine

Some caregivers use this technique on a daily basis. This is excellent for establishing the process of caring for an elderly person and determining the specific hours of eating. Seniors become accustomed to what they require to eat over time and feel more prepared to accept food at a specific time.

4. No Accounting for Tastes

Do not assume that the food you eat at home is appropriate for an elderly patient. It does not have to include any complicated dishes. However, if your patient prefers to eat fish rather than meat, you must take this into account. Get to know the elders' taste preferences and try to match them ahead of time.

5. Loss of Taste

Taste buds gradually lose their ability to recognize aromas as we age.

As a result, even the most delectable dish may appear tasteless and unappealing to an elderly person. Even as we age, a gradual decrease in appetite is commonly regarded as normal. The truth is that older people have less energy and do not require as much food as a young body.

However, if an elderly patient begins to refuse to eat and loses a lot of weight, this is cause for concern. In this case, the only sure way out is to make a timely appeal to the attending physician.

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