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Tips to Avoid Diabetes for Any Age

As an increasing number of seniors age in their own homes, it is more important than ever to ensure their safety at home.

The most common accidents involving elders are falls, burns, and poisonings.

Listed below are precautions to take if you are an elderly person living alone or if you are responsible for an elderly person living alone.

Areas where the elderly may be at risk:

Living Area:

  • Have a clear pathway between rooms;

  • Keep low-rise coffee tables, magazine racks, footrests, and plants out of the path of traffic;

  • Secure loose area rugs with double-faced tape, or slip-resistant backing;

  • Keep electric appliances and telephone cords out of walkways, but do not place them under a rug.

Kitchen area:

  • Keep frequently used items on the lower shelves;

  • Remove throw rugs;

  • Clean up immediately any liquids, grease, or food spilled on the floor;

  • Keep food, dishes, and cooking equipment within easy reach.


  • Place a slip-resistant rug adjacent to the bathtub for safe exit and entry;

  • Install grab bars on the bathroom/shower walls;

  • Keep a nightlight in the bathroom;

  • Use either a raised seat on the toilet or a special toilet seat with armrests.


  • Place a lamp, telephone, or flashlight near the bed;

  • Replace bedding sheets and comforters with non-slip materials such as wool or cotton;

  • Arrange clothes in the closet so that they are easily accessible;

  • Keep clutter off the bedroom floor.

Loving Hands Home Care Services is dedicated to keeping seniors safe in their homes.It is crucial to keep family members comfortable at home, especially as they age. We provide our caregiving services in the Hayward and Stockton area.

Our agency, with 5-star reviews on Google and , offers a wide range of home care services, including:

· Personal care;

· Light housekeeping;

· Companionship;

· Meal preparation;

· Running errands;

· Grocery shopping;

· Help with doing laundry;

· Medication reminders;

· Transportation services

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